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MobilityPLUS Online Booking Consent for Delegates

GRT has introduced online booking for MobilityPLUS customers, which allows them to book and cancel their own rides and view their upcoming rides.

MobilityPLUS customers can manage their online booking account independently or assign a delegate to manage it on their behalf. A delegate will be able to update the customer's profile information, view upcoming rides, and schedule or cancel rides.

If you would like to register a delegate to manage your MP online booking account, please complete all fields of the form below.

Notice of Collection

The information you provide will be used by GRT to assign a delegate to a MobilityPLUS customer's online booking account.

Completing this form is completely voluntary. Alternatively, you may book MobilityPLUS trips by calling the MobilityPLUS booking line. 

Personal contact information will be kept confidential and only used by GRT for the purpose listed above. This information is collected pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O.2001, c.25.

If you have any questions regarding this collection, please contact:
Pat Morabito, Manager of Marketing, Communications and Customer Service
Region of Waterloo

This Consent shall be valid from the date of signing unless it is revoked in writing.

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